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Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas this year:)

This is a neighbor down the road with his tractor cleaning his driveway. He is in the street here and you can see that we have not been plowed.

Evy walking to her car to help Rob shovel.

Ken with his snowblower. They put the little cover on this year so his face would not get all burned from the wind and snow.

Penny made this path. The snow is over her head.

View of the chicken coop and pen. I love the snow though and am glad I live in a state that has real weather all four seasons!! It makes the winter seem shorter when you have a lot of snow and have something to do (for us it's the cleaning it up part). It looks pretty too.

1 comment:

Nancy Jo said...

Snow can be a problem but it sre is pretty.
Love your house and the fence.
Nancy Jo