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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The pre-graduation pictures and thoughts.

This is actually at the end of the graduation ceremony, and it's blurry, but you can see all the balloons falling on the students.

Ok, so last week, Evelyn was on the Wendy Williams show and got to be on the "Ask Wendy" segment! Believe it or not, you have to audition for that and send pictures of yourself and a list of questions you would like to ask. This is the picture she sent to the show. Evy wanted to talk about the future and whether or not she had to focus on a career or could she still "explore" her options, even though she is graduating from college. Well, Wendy is clearly a mom and said exactly what I am always saying, "It's time to focus, girlfriend (she actually called Evy Sweet Peach!!) and get that career started. Exploring was what college was for!" No more Peter Pan, then. Oh well, poor Evy. She was just singing the "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid" song to us the other night.

Here she is ready to leave for graduation. I like her pink coat!

Outside of the gym with her cap and gown still in the bag. She said she will miss Stony Brook. I know I still do.


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sandy quilts said...

Congratulations to Evelyn! And to her family for wonderful support!

Ruth said...

Congratulations to your daughter.

I don't blame her for not wanting to grow up. Good luck to her.