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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Quilt and an unhappy accident

Yesterday was a lazy New Years Day here. We were sitting by the woodstove watching WWII specials on the Military Channel when we heard a loud bang. I looked out the window and saw Rob's car looking like it had been moved closer to the woods.

A kid driving to work smashed into Rob's parked car so hard that his own car spun around into the opposite direction. Rob's car was parked with no one in it, so there were no injuries here, and thank goodness the kid driving was not hurt either. We think he was texting or something because he just ran right off the road without even skidding into the car. He skidded after he hit Rob's. Turns out he was driving on a permit on top of everything else. Rob was not very happy with this all since it is his first nice car and he is still paying for it, but at least insurance will cover it and he does not go back to college for a month. We can make-do until then if he needs an occasional car to use.

This is a Christmas wallhanging that I literally finished on Christmas Day!! I have it hanging by the window so we can see it from all over. It is not quilted yet, but at least the piecing and applique are all done. It was a nice piece to work on.
It is snowing here again. We had no real warning about it and it has been snowing all day. Got another 4 or 5 inches on the ground, so Ken is outside cleaning it up for us. The dogs love it!!


Dawn Dutton said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Thank goodness no one was hurt. The quilt hanging is beautiful. You did an excellent job! Way to go...
Have a blessed New Year!

sandy quilts said...

Glad that nobody was hurt in the accident. Cars can be fixed even though it is a pain in the neck to go through. The quilt top look great - I should have taken that class with you. I've been sewing all day!

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. It's a good thing no one was hurt.

That quilt is so gorgeous.

Hope you had a great Christmas.


cinnamongirl said...

ouch sorry to hear about the car glad noone was hurt thoug.

Great wallhanging!