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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Runner finished! (Not quilted yet though)

This morning after I got home from church, I got started on the table runner. I was going to make it square, but in the end it would have been too wide for the table, so it became a runner instead. The blue fabric framing the pieces is one that I bought many years ago and have loved it all this time!! I am finally out of it though:( but it has been used in many fun projects. The Valentines fabric is from a little shop up in the Adirondacks by my sister-in-law. Kenny got my little Featherweight out of the attic today so I could put the runner together while the embroidery machine was busy making more doilies. I have four done now and have two more to go before I move on to another size.

All together the runner is almost as long as my table, so it will be the centerpiece for a few weeks with nothing else. This week I will quilt it using something from the embroidery machine disks I have been collecting over the years.

My trusty little Featherweight is in the background. This is the machine I take to classes and to my friends' houses when I am not making something by hand. I got it on Ebay before they were out of my price range!! Now it seems that everyone knows how cute and durable they are.

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cinnamongirl said...

Wohoo you did lots over the weekend. Looks great