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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New table runner

I took a class to make this table runner at the quilt shop last week. There is no new fabric in this piece since I am using up the stuff I already have (that should only take about 2 lifetimes) and trying to make things that will coordinate for each room. Normally I make things with colors and fabric that I just "have to have" and then nothing goes together, but I have a lot of gorgeous items. Not too useful when trying to tie a room together. So this year most of my projects will be made to match or go with something else in my vast collection. One of the things I want to do is make several sets of table linens for the kitchen and dining room. This is part of set one. The tablecloth will be rose color and there will be runners for the other tables in the room that will go with this. For the tablecloth, there is an amazing set of Polish folkart designs for my embroidery machine that I will use when I get started.

Close-up of the end of the runner. This was ridiculously easy to make, but fun!!


Autumn said...

I wish I would use up my fabric and make it that pretty!!!!!
It would take me several lifetimes as well!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

cinnamongirl said...

Nice I haven't tried that and you say it is easy. Well maybe for you.
Always look forward to your posts as you are so talented.

By the way I did find your name in the book. A celeberty to.

sandy quilts said...

Sheryl it looks great! That is how far I got also - I need to add a border to make it larger for my sister's wall hanging. Going at lunch today to get the fabric.

Jean said...

Came out beautiful. Im working on my this weekend!!