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Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Valentines and some lace!

This is a lace doily I made tonight on the embroidery machine. I am planning to make several sets of linens for my dining room table this year. The first set will be in pinks and blues. The table runner I made a few weeks ago will be a part of that one. These doilies are small and will be used for wine glasses. The white you see in the background is a stabilizer that is water soluble. Once they are all done, I will sit them in water and it will dissolve!! Amazing! I have several different sizes to make. Here is the third design for the Valentines Day table mat I am making this weekend. He is so adorable. Here is the final piece for the table mat. I am thinking of making this as a square-ish design that will be in the center of the table. When I was with my sister-in-law a few weekends ago, I got some cute Valentines Day fabric squares that I can use between the embroidery blocks. Tomorrow I will make it and see how it goes.
Today we did NOT stay home all day as planned. Ken was bored from sitting around all day yesterday, so we went to the big Fishing and Hunting Show at the coliseum. It was really a great show and we saw some friends there, so it was a fun day. Tomorrow we are going to some tackle shops in the afternoon...Poor Ken and Rob are just wasting away thinking about how far spring really is! Especially today and yesterday with temps in the teens and ice in the air!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Sheryl-lyn,

I love the doily! I like using the water soluble stabilizer for hand embroidery too. I buy Vilene (very nice weight and not stiff) and draw my design then pin it to the fabric I want it embroidered to and away I go. :0) Once finished I dip it in water to reveal my finished work. I find it much simpler than transferring a design and usually work on small stuff so it's not expensive using it that way.

I'll be back to see more of the doilies! :0)

Stay Warm,

Ruth said...

I love that doily. It is gorgeous. I can't believe you did that on a machine. It looks beautiful.