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Monday, January 21, 2013

Say Hello to my little friend!

We live in a house set quite a ways off the road and the driveway running alongside the property is dirt, not pavement, not cement.  You can imagine how dirty the floors in our house must get!  I am always vacuuming, washing and sweeping the floors.  I kept hearing about this Shark steamer for the floors and thought I should get one.  I LOVE a clean floor and walking barefooted in the house, which means a lot of cleaning.  Anyway, I got the 20% coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond and ran right over there after church yesterday, and scooped one up.  Yesterday was a busy day, so I planned to use my extra day off as a major cleaning day (which is very relaxing to me for some reason).  OMG!!  I love my Shark.  I steamed those floors all morning and was amazed at how clean they are.  Wow!  Glad I plunked the money down!  What a great feeling when the house is all totally clean from top to bottom.
I was supposed to go upstate to see my sis-in-law this weekend, but my truck has been making a funny noise (and vibrating a little) since I got my new transmission a few weeks ago.  So, of course, I could not drive the 5 hours alone at night with a weird sound going on.  My schedule at school was crazy last week so I did not get the truck to the shop.  Hopefully I will get it settled this week.  Instead of going away, I did a few things at sitting outside with my dogs when it was so lovely Saturday and Sunday.  The sky was so blue it seemed like spring was coming.

It snowed today, which meant it was ok to put the Christmas lights on again tonight.  Believe it or not, we still had Christmas up until this weekend too.  Guess it was a good thing I stayed home.  When Rob came to work today I stole him to get the tree in the living room down and to bring everything up to the attic.  He claims that we are getting lazy in our old age, but it was nice to have him helping me in the house like the old days.

This weekend was a restful one really.  We went to Queens to pick up my embroidery machine which is now working at 100%.  I still may get a new one this year because I don't want to use that enormous computer setup I have to use with mine.  Plus the new ones are just so advanced that I can do amazing things with linens, towels, quilts and everything else you can think of.  Pondering...pondering.  Then we watched a marathon of HOMELAND (absolutely amazing) because we thought it was starting up again this weekend.  We literally watched 6 episodes yesterday only to find out that season 3 starts in the fall.  I never watch tv before 8 or 9 p.m. but it was fun to lay around and watch tv all afternoon into the night!  We did not finish watching until after midnight!  If you like spy stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, I know you will love HOMELAND!!

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