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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Working all weekend and not sewing! Editing is ok though!

I spent the past few weeks editing the book I told you about last time. I put all the corrections from the hard copy onto the manuscript on the computer this weekend. No sewing at all, but I worked
hard all weekend so it will be good to email this off to the author tonight! I feel like the characters belong to me now! I did stop at PQ after church for a few fat quarters to finish that winter wall hanging I started years ago! Instead of my sewing machine, the laptop is on my work table.

I did leave my little featherweight right next to the laptop just to remind me that sewing is coming in another day! 

Don't you love this embroidery piece?  I did it in a class at PQ about three years ago and this winter I am going to finish it.

This lovely fabric, which I got today, is for the little blocks that go around the embroidery.  It is going to be so nice!  The blue embroidery floss is for a snowman table runner I am starting tonight while I watch television.  I don't really love snowmen, but I have made a few things with them this year.  My eyes may be a little too tired to do anything but watch tv though.  REVENGE is on tonight!!  Can't wait!

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Colleen said...

Your fabric choices for the Winter Embroidery and fantastic. Right now I am gearing up for REVENGE! Finished 2 bindings today so now I can just relax and watch what happens!