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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Polar bear plunge New Years Day 2013

Today Deb, Evy and I took the Polar Bear Plunge at Cedar Beach.  It was very windy and cold there, of course!  We got onto the beach in our blankets and waited for the countdown.  See Evy smiling?  Not for long!  That water was like ice!
We all run in at the same time.  I wore my crocs this year because the water feels like ice, but they were pulled off by the waves right away!  Of course I was not going to search for them!  Bye, bye crocs!  Maybe they will wash up in Connecticut.
Deb fell in when she tried to run back to shore.  I rescued her and safely escorted her back to the car.  Since she always reminds me that every time we do adventurous things I manage to get her injured, I think I have wiped at least one offense clean today.  Let it be known though that this Polar Bear thing was on her bucket list, not mine! :)  Of course, Deb got cuts on her leg and was bleeding all the way home.  I was fine except for my feet which were frozen.  Evy said her insides were shaking!  I took her and Jon to Starbucks for breakfast afterwards.

Evy dove right in immediately like a jumping tuna!  She is already on the way back to shore.  Thankfully Jon was with us and had the car started and the heat on.  He took all the pictures too.  He did not do the plunge though.  Smart man!
Evy is trying to beat that old guy back to the cars.  Some people took off most of their clothes!  Crazy...

It was so invigorating we all decided to do it again!  Not really, I am not sure how this got to the end, but it was really the beginning.

We all agreed that today we feel very alive after this.  Hope your new year is off to a good, icy cold start too.


Colleen said...

Happy New Year my friend! You are brave for doing the plunge. Heck, you know me...I wouldn't do the plunge in 100 degree heat!!!
Enjoy the day!

sandy quilts said...

You guys are crazy! I would have had heart failure - cold showers during the hurricane should have taught you a lesson!!

Jo Momma said...

Sheryl-Lyn, You are such a fun person and I am proud to have you as my daughter. And, "my" Evie, well, let's just say I love her to pieces too!! You, Evie and Debbie are quite the trio, but I would have had to stay in the nice warm car with Jon!! Love you!! XOXO Oh and thank you Sandy for the Jo Momma b/d wishes!!

Jo Momma said...

P.S. I think I had better get updating my blog soon!! Yikes!!!