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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Little twister heart quilt

A few weeks ago I felt like I needed to take a class at the quilt shop because I had not in a while and I missed the fun and socialization that a class always brings.  I saw this pretty quilt on the wall and decided this was the one.  I had seen this gorgeous Jennifer Chiavarini fabric and wanted to buy it but made myself buy it only if I had a project in mind!  This was it!
Isn't it just beautiful fabric?  I got a few yards more to make pillowcases for our bed too.  I quilted it this weekend and am thrilled that another project is almost done.  Tonight I will put the binding on.

When I first made the top, I thought it was hard to see the heart shape, but after quilting, it did stand out more.  I won't get much sewing done, if any, this week because our play is this weekend, and we rehearse late every night this week.  It's a cute play, Alice in Wonderland, and I am proud of the work the kids are doing.  Next Saturday is our last show and then I am free again for a while!  Yay!

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