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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some Valentines pillows

Today we had another snow day thanks to snow and ice this morning.  Now we are at the point that we are losing vacation days in the spring.  It is messing up the drama club practices and our show is this weekend.  We will put the show on this weekend and hope for the best.  The kids have worked hard, so I will be proud no matter how it turns out.  So...I had some sewing time again today and made a few pillows.  I did not buy any new fabric for these.  So far, I am doing all of my sewing with stuff I already have and it feels great!
The chenille on the sides is from an old bedspread I got on eBay years ago,  I made my bathroom curtains with it and saved the rest for projects like this.
Cute, right?  I had fun mailing them and just used my sofa pillow forms instead of buying new ones.  We are expecting another snow storm this weekend, so I have some project ideas in mind already.

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