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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A day at home

Penny and Millie got these toys for Christmas last year, but I had to fix them because Penny likes to nibble at the seams to take out the squeaky thing. Today I sewed them up and gave them back. Penny was afraid of them until she saw Millie take one.
Millie is happy to have her baby back. She carried it around all night last night.

This pie was made by my neighbor who happens to be a guy!! Look at that lattice work. He is a construction worker, so I guess he is used to precision!! I had made him some supper last week because while he was at work, someone broke into his house and stole his television. We don't ever have that happen here, so he was really upset to come home to that.
Side view of the pie. My family was really thrilled with this pie--it was so good. He also brought us vanilla ice cream to go with it.

To round out the day, Kenny got me these flowers for the dining room table. He even picked them himself! Not a bad day!!


Ruth said...

What a wonderful pie. Amazing. So sorry to hear what happened at his house.

I love the flowers. Your dogs look so cute with their toys.


Carol............. said...

No fair showing that pie....
I gained 2 pounds just looking! LOL

So sad that some people have no conscience about right and wrong. It sounds as if you and your neighbor are what neighborhoods are supposed to be all about.

electricdunce said...

Those dogs look so happy with their toys, you were great to repair them. I have to do repairs on the ca toys around here every once in a while.

That pie looks amazing. Sorry to hear of the break in at your neighbor's house, that happened to us once when we lived in Arizona and I was sure every tiie we lrft the house we'd be broken into again, but then our car was broken into while we were at the movies. That was enough city adventures for me...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Karin