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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The meanest cat EVER and the babies are here!!

This is our cat, Calisto. When Rob was a little boy, he loved watching Zena, Princess Warrior, and on that show, there was an evil warrior always fighting with Zena. Her name was Calisto and since Rob loved that character, he named the cat after her. By the way, this cat was purchased by Rob for one dollar at the church yard sale! Well, she is kinda nasty--most of the time. She hisses to go out, hisses when you feed her, and if she graces you with her presence on your lap, you had better not move, because she will hiss some more. She does love my mom, my sister-in-law, and Evelyn though. Always has. Well, at least she has good taste in people!~
How exciting to get a phone call at 7 am today that my chicks had arrived at the post office!! I ran right over there to pick the darlings up.

I only got six for now, just to add to my flock which has diminished ever so slightly due to aging out. Since it is so hot here, I will not need heat lamps or anything, which makes it easier than spring babies.

While Evy was sleeping, I placed two chicks in her arms to wake her up. Funny how she looks like a little girl when she is sleeping. Evy is not a lover of my chickens at all, but she was charmed by these two babes and let them snuggle for a bit with her.

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Beverly said...

Oh, how cute!! Don't you just love little peeps? I always worry so for the first few days...until they get bigger.