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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A look at the ocean

Hurricane Bill is off of the Atlantic Ocean now, making some big waves not far from us. Kenny and I went to take a look this afternoon and saw some pretty big ones. No one is allowed to swim in the ocean this weekend because of rip currents. Of course, the surfers were still out there, but I think the park police were chasing them out all afternoon.

There were so many people out on the beach today! It was pretty hot and the sun kept coming out, so it was kind of cool to sit there and listen to the roar of the surf.
This afternoon I finished tearing out my summer garden to get ready to plant for the fall/winter (I cannot believe I am saying that!!) crops. I am only going to plant carrots, radishes, shallots and spinach this year. In another month, I will plant lettuce in the cold frame. We ate the peppers with dinner tonight and I made an easy eggplant dish that was so good. So far, I did have two good tomatoes for dinner. They are heirlooms called Black Krim. They were excellent. A few more are on the vine getting ripe.

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Ruth said...

Our coast looked the same. I don't think we live to far from one another. I think maybe a farmgirl get together would be so much fun. Maybe we could meet halfway.