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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thinking about the holidays already!! New Aprons.

I made this apron for a swap at MaryJanes Farm. Of course, I love Halloween, so a swap for that holiday is always a go for me!! I used a panel from a novelty print to make the pocket, and attached a piece of crocheted lace along the top.
Isn't this pocket the best!!?? Reminds me of my teacher friends and me after school!! (At least that's what the kids probably think!)

Close-up of the top of the pocket and the lower part of the top.

To make it more efficient, it's reversible, with a Christmas holiday print on the back. The pocket on this one is along the bottom and divided into four spaces. I topped it with big green rickrack.

I hope my partner likes it! I almost hate to part with it, but rest assured, I did buy enough fabric to make more of the same one!! This weekend is going to be another stormy one, so I plan to stay home and make spaghetti sauce (a neighbor who farms left me a few bushels of everything I need!!) and put up new curtains (from Country Curtains!!!). This is my last week before going back to school, so I usually use that time to make the house all clean and spiffy so I can concentrate on cooking and sewing at the end of the day once I am working all day.


Beverly said...

Oh how I wish I were your partner....great apron, Sheryl!!
BTW I need to call you and catch has been way too long!

Bonne said...

OMG!! That Halloweeny apron is TO DIE FOR!!! I haven't been visiting MJF ever since a couple good friends were ex-communicated last spring. Miss the comraderie so much~but it's a matter of principle, ya know?
Hope you win the lottery so you can quit working and do full time crafting, as your blog is always such an inspiration!!!

Ruth said...

I love these aprons. They look wonderful.


smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

oh my gosh, i wish you were my partner too...guess you have to be in the swap to get a partner...oh my gosh...that halloweeny apron is so marvelous