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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy day Saturday...time for cleaning

I actually plunked down a bit of money to buy curtains this summer. Usually I make all of my own, but thought it would be a treat to buy some ready-made (if they matched my room, of course). These are the beauties I got at Country Curtains.
My friend, Ronna, sent me the tablecloth ages ago, and I got it out, ironed it all up and set it out. Very clean looking (German made, so that figures!!). The box on the table is my tea box from my father.

View from the kitchen. We love to eat in this room when we have company. It's so sunny in here.
A close-up of the colors/textures/patterns on the curtains. I had told Deb that I wanted something floral and striped if I could find it. They were set up in the store just like I had imagined I would do it!
The tomatoes, peppers and eggplants from my neighbor's farm!! I will be making sauce tomorrow and Monday!! He will bring me more when I need it too. Having the canned fruits and vegetables from summer on my pantry shelves makes me smile all winter when it is so cold and barren outside.


electricdunce said...

The curtains are lovely, but oh! those tomatoes. We ate the six cherry tomatoes we got from our garden the other day, just too cold for too long here. You will be making something spectacular, I am sure.


Autumn said...

MMMM! Everything at your place is yummy!!!!!! Curtains,tomatoes and everything else!!!!