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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to school!! A few days left.

I love Halloween and creepy things. I put stuff up in September and leave it up all year. This lovely spider is hanging on my chalk board.
My cork board is covered with farmhouse wallpaper and is used to keep paperwork organized (for about one week--if you know me!!) I am trying a new system to see if I can keep it in order.

My bulletin board in the hall. I saw this idea online and adopted it for my room. Each of the plates has a good thought for life and a food image.

My tomato sauce is done. This took so much time!! Between the Kitchen Aid work (getting rid of skins, seeds, etc) and then boiling the sauce down to a halfway good thickness, it took days to do!! I did get 19 quarts though and will use it in the dead of winter to have fresh tomato taste when we need it.
Crock pot to cook the tomatoes so that I could put them through the food mill. Then I cooked it again in the crock pot (and some on the stove) until it was thick enough to use as sauce. It's a messy process, but now I am done and the kitchen is shiny again. The cool part was using all local tomatoes from my neighbor and all of the herbs and spices were from my own garden. You can't beat that.


Bonne said...

Holy cow! I just put the tomatoes right from the vine into my tomato saucer, pour into canning jars and can. You do LOTS of extra steps~you must be a teacher or I'm the short-cut queen.
I'm with you on the Halloweeny stuff all year 'round. People must think us strange, but who cares?!! :)

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

Love your spiders..Halloween is my favorite...I never knew their was a saucer attachment I could get for my KitchenAid...I have 2 6qt ones, you would think I would know about the attachments.