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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Clean sweep!!

Every September, before I go back to work full-time, we clean the entire house inside and out. We clean the cars, the porch, even the dogs get a bath on that day!! This is the bathroom floor with the white rugs my mom gave me this summer. On this big cleaning day, the only thing I use in the bathrooms is bleach. We have a few mildew spots that pop up in the tiles on the shower ceiling and nothing else does the trick. Plus, I have to confess that although I generally clean with organic cleaners, the smell of bleach means clean to me!!

Every surface is clean and fresh. I made blueberry cupcakes for a snack since we were all so busy cleaning. Fruit waits on the counter by the stove. So does my roobis iced tea. That really does seem to do the trick for my restless legs (we always called it shaky leg before it had a real name!!)

Clean bathroom!! I love when the house is all clean!!

Rob powerwashed the house and the windows too. Nothing escaped a mop, hose or cleaning rag today. Good thing no one came over...they would have gotten the treatment too! Needless to say, I am really tired now. It's a good tired though from a day full of good work that really shows. We had shrimp with bacon and goat cheese for an appetizer tonight and for our main dish we had pepper steak. When we are done digesting, we will head over to Westhampton for an ice cream. Tomorrow we are going upstate for the Renaissance Faire!! A very favorite thing we do each September (sometimes we go a few times even though it is a 2 1/2 hour ride).


Beverly said...

The white tornado strikes again. Hey, I could use you all down in my neck of the woods!! Doesn't it feel great to be done?? Happy end of Summer to you!!


Autumn said...

What a fine way to start the school year! Could you fit me into your schedule....say next week?????
MMMM! The food sounds yummy too!!!
I'll have to skip the ice cream- Im still on SouthBeach!!! :(

Nancy Jo said...

What a good feeling that is to have everything all clean, not to mention blueberry cupcakes. You better go take a nap now! Your house is really cute. makes me want to come over. I'll take my shoes off.
Nancy Jo

KarenAnn said...

Really enjoy your blog!

Would you share some information about your "roobis iced tea"....such as the recipe and how often you drink it and how much for shaky leg syndrome? I do not have that condition, but it sounds refreshing, and if it has a dual purpose, all the better!

Thank You!

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

you could be a traveling show, after you go to Pennsylvania and Louisiana, how about swing through Indiana for me? Everything in your world always looks so cute.