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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All good things must come to an bring more good things!

Every September I lament the loss of my free time and total relaxation; the ability to drag my chores and hobbies out throughout the day and get them done whenever. Now that I am back to school, I have to make time to sew, clean and do my canning, read books and cook. In spite of the sadness at having to leave my home and especially the river, it is also a happy time of new beginnings. As a teacher, my new year is really in September!! I love the fall, the changing weather, the new books and students at school and the chance to work with young people every day. I also see my friends during the day, which is a fun part of being a teacher.

My babies are getting big! Kenny and Rob made them a really big pen to hang around in during the day.
They were all running towards a bug!! Yesterday, before Rob left for college classes, he said a hawk was really pestering the chicks and trying to get to them. He brought them back into the house while he would be gone. I guess without me and the dogs roaming around all day in the yard, the hawk is looking for a happy meal! These chicken nuggets are not for sale!

My mother-in-law wanted to see a picture of my Kitchen Aid attachment for straining fruits and veggies. This is how the seeds, skins and stems come out of the machine. I feed this to the chickens. Looks kinda like poop coming out!
I put the tomatoes in the top part and they go down into the grinder to get separated for sauce. The good sauce comes out of the white thing and into a bowl. I tried to make sauce without cooking it down the other day, but when it was done canning, the water and sauce had separated and there was only about 1/3 of a jar of actual sauce in there. It was all on the top though, so when I go to use it later, it will be easy to get out of the jar. This time, I am cooking it down again before I can it. Next week I will be canning whole and crushed tomatoes. Then it's applesauce time!! I seem to sleep better when I work like this all day, so I don't mind all the work. Even after teaching all day, it is good. Makes it seem like it is still summer!


electricdunce said...

That attachment looks like a good one to have. At the moment I would settle for just the tomatoes, very pathetic garden this year. I love the pictures of the chicks. It is such a thrill to view all those jars lined up, I sued to can a lot yers ago....


Ruth said...

I love that attachment. I will have to look into that for my Kitchen Aid.

We are back to our school schedule here, too. I do like the order that it brings to our day.

I hope your chickies make out ok with that nasty hawk looking for a meal. One day we were driving down a country road and someone on the other side hit a squirrel and a hawk swooped down instantly and snatched it up. It was amazing. Like it had been there all day waiting for that meal. It happened so fast, too.