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Monday, September 21, 2009

Restless leg syndrome and "Why can't I sleep soundly?"

My husband suffered from my restless leg syndrome for a lot of years. When I get this, my legs feel like things are crawling in them and they are all jumpy. So, the poor guy feels like he is sleeping with Bruce Lee as I spin around and around in bed kicking everything in my way! A few years back I read that it comes from a lack of potassium and other nutrients. I also read that rooibis tea can help this condition, so I started using it every day. It really helped me. For the most benefit, I started drinking it as iced tea all afternoon and into the early evening. When I make it hot, I do add milk to it. Otherwise, I just brew it up in the morning and then add ice and drink it like that--no sugar at all. I started bringing it to school too, and notice that I am not all shaky legged at night. Any red tea with rooibis as the main ingredient should work. I use any kind that I find in the store, but my all time fav is Organic Asian Pear Rooibis tea made by Bigelow. Can't get it here, so have to order it online or wait until I go to Pennsylvania for some! Since I also have A LOT of trouble staying asleep during the school year, this seems to help a bit then too. If I could just find a good tea for my busy brain syndrome! :)

Kenny is a huge King Arthur fan, and loves Merlin!! We watched that series on NBC this summer (wasn't it cool?). We decided to go back upstate yesterday for the last day of the Renaissance Faire, and I took Ken's picture with his favorite King Arthur character.
I think Ken felt like a kid again going to get his picture taken with a legendary character. Don't we all need to revisit the best parts of our childhoods once in a while? Now we have it on record!!

Merlin looking over the faire from his hillside post. He gave Ken a piece of wisdom from that pouch at this side. It was such a lovely day to go upstate for the entire day. Now we really do have to wait for another year.


Ruth said...

We love King Arthur and Merlin here. I missed the tv show this summer.

I will have to see if that tea is available in our area.

How is school going?


Autumn said...

Sheryl-lyn-thats weird- the green tea- wait was that green tea???_ anyway green tea makes me hyper!
I better go back and read that post again_ my brain is fuzzy!!!

When my husband stopped coffee after noon his legs dont twitch either. It is annoying for him and ME!!!! :)

Beverly said...

I drink a detox tea that is red rooibos. I love it....
Oh, the Ren Faire looks like fun....I always loved the whole Camelot story....favorite movie as a kid. Back to school again....when are we going to get together? Another summer has come and gone.

i was supposed to go to NYC with Jack at the end of October....but we had to cancel...he had some work scheduling issues....oh well.

BTW.....Autumn is lovely here....hint, hint.!!!