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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A couple of chicks stopping by

Yesterday was a cleaning/sewing/cooking day at the homestead. This is an embroidery design I bought on Thanksgiving day (online, of course) and worked on it a little all day long!! It is a cross stitch design and it really looks handmade. The machine started going crazy at the end, so I was getting frustrated with the thread breaking every few seconds, but finally it was done. There are 5 pictures in the pack, so will make them all and use them in table runners and mats for the dining room.
Well, you know how I have one hen who thinks we are friends (we are!!) and that she can come in whenever I have the door open. While I clean house, I leave all the doors open so things can air out and the dogs can run in and out. Lucy always comes in when the door is open.

She is checking out the cleaning job in the bathroom!

Inspecting the floors. She found a few crumbs!

Eventually Lucy invited her friend Ethel in for a quick walkabout!! I had gone out to clean the chicken coop and there they both were just milling about like they thought I should be cleaning my own darn house, not messing around with theirs. When I get Lucy out and close the doors, she will go around the house and look in every window and door to see if there is a way in. In the winter, she will sit on the woodpile and just stare inside at us. She is a laugh riot!


Autumn said...

Crazy ole chickens!!! They are a hoot!!!!

I love the buckets you guys did! Very festive and cool!!!!

Beverly said...

OMG, Toooooo funny. Ethel and Lucy...stopping by for a cup of tea and a few crumbs!!

sandy quilts said...
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sandy quilts said...

I want a chicken...but I'll settle for a few fresh eggs!!!

Ruth said...

I love the embroidery.

The chickens are just too funny.


Ruth said...

I wanted to stop by and let you know that I am hosting a giveaway on my blog. I hope you can stop by and enter.