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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wisdom teeth OUT!!

Doesn't Rob look like Santa??!! Only one month to Christmas. He even has the red clothes. He had all four wisdom teeth pulled today and the doctor said they were really impacted and hard to take out. So far though, he feels pretty good. We went to Borders while we waited for his prescription (for pain that will inevitably come VERY soon) and he got a new cook book (Alton Brown) from the tooth fairy. My mother reminded me that the tooth fairy needed to arrive some time today. His white beard is a towel with ice packs in it. He attached it to his head with a belt so that he could play his video game. Clever, isn't he? He has to eat soft foods for a few days, so Thanksgiving has to be a mostly mashed potato and pumkin pie event. Oh, he does not know I am posting this on my blog, so SSSHHHH!! I told him I was sending the picture to nana.


Autumn said...

WAAAAHAHAHAHA! ROB!! ROB!!! Can you hear me?????/ :)
So funny what these boys...ahem....MEN will do so they can still play!!!!!
I hope he doesn't need the meds and he heals up real soon!
Good tooth fairy- my 16 yr old would volunteer to have teeth pulled so he could get Alton Browns cookbook. :)

Ruth said...

I hope hubby is feeling better. His Santa beard is too funny. My hubby had surgery on his foot and still climbed our stairs to play Guitar Hero. What they won't do to play.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.