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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few recent projects.

I went to see my friend over at Bee Haven Acres last weekend and brought this reversible apron I made for Bev. She is the apron-making queen (even had one in a magazine!!), but I know it is still always fun to have someone else make us one! This is the Christmas side.

Evelyn came to the quilt shop when I was going for the fabric and she loved the little penguins skating on the ice.
This is the autumn side. The tan has wheat-like images on it. The big pocket has owls and pumpkins. Evelyn picked that out too. She has even told me that she would like to make an apron one day when she is done with college (in December she will graduate!!)

Today I took a class at the quilt shop on this folded star design. I did not buy ANY fabric for the class. Spent a few minutes in the attic going through my enormous stash and came up with these colors. Loved the way they came together. I had to leave the class early to attend an 80th birthday party for my neighbor, but came home later and finished it. It's in the frame and everything!
Kenny asked me for a Thanksgiving wallhanging with Pilgrims on it, and since there is no pattern available, I found some ideas from coloring books (always handy with easy designs) and created my own. It's almost done, but I am not sure how it will look! Maybe I will be able to post it tomorrow night. Or not!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

The green hand is creeping in.....hehehe

I know Bev loved, loved that apron....and what got to see the grand log cabin in person! Maybe one day I'll make it up's just so pretty and I could get my goat and chicken fix. :0)

I like the pieced are a wiz with all these quilt designs...I'll look forward to seeing the Pilgrim design you come up with.

ok....creeping green hand is leaving now...I'm still cracking up over my glass hand freaking you out...I guess I should use it next year during all the Halloween fun!


Autumn said...

Very cool stuff!!!!!
I know Bev loved her apron!!!!

Ruth said...

I think it's so cute. I love it. How fun to able to visit Bev. I would love to make it there some day.