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Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping a tradition alive. Dad makes Evelyn a Hope chest of her own!

This is the front of the hope chest. Each panel is separate and on little rubber spacers so that it can expand and contract each season when the weather changes.
The dark line around the top is all inlaid.

Evelyn has always loved dolphins. Dad carved these and put them into the top.

A full picture of the front. I love it!!
These balloons are from Dad's party on October 4th!! They are still flying high at our house:)

When my dad's 70th birthday was approaching, he was in the middle of making my daughter a hope chest. Remember how so many of us looked forward to having our own homes and families when we were young? A hope chest was a treasure that most of us wanted so that we could start collecting the things that would make our homes special. I don't think young women today have the same longings that we did back then, and they sure don't pine away for a hope chest! They have never even heard of them.
Well, dad made one for Evelyn and they made the decision to come here to deliver it in person. Of course, it was a surprise, so I could not tell her about it. For a few weeks I wanted to sort of mention hope chests and how we all wished for them when we were girls, but decided that would be too obvious.
She was so surprised and excited when she came home from work and saw her special gift. But, she had no inkling of its meaning or why she was getting one. (My dad made it clear she was not being coerced into marriage, but explained the tradition to her.) Evelyn was so touched by the gift and the letter my dad wrote to her about her and how special she is, that she told all of her friends about her hope chest and how grandpa made her one of her own. Now, they all want one too! Mom got her some new towels to put in there, so she is on her way to filling it with lovely things for her future home. It is sad when we forget the good traditions and just let them go. I loved (and still use) my own hope chest. Now Evelyn has her own family heirloom!


smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

A.) She is so lucky!

B.) your dad is so talented!

C.) Your whole family is amazing!

D.) I love all of your dad's work.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Thanks, Jess!! You are so cute!

sandy quilts said...

Your dad is so talented and Evelyn is so lucky to have him as her grandfather! One of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I've ever seen. Love the dolphins.

Bonne said...

What a gorgeous piece and a lucky girl to be able to say,"my grandfather made it for me!"
Yes, I remember hope chests~thanks for keeping the tradition going. :)

Jo Momma said...

Hi daughter dear! I THINK I can finally log on!! I really love reading and viewing your blog site. Makes me feel more nearby you and the family!! Also feel like I know your "online" pals LOL. Dad and I really enjoyed all the nice things you wrote about the hope chest. I copied the blog and the info will go in dad's "woodworking" project file:::labeled "Hope Chest" info.
Love you, Jo Momma XOXOX

Beverly said...

It's beautiful, Sheryl!!!! Have a great weekend....I am heading to N.C. to see the Sure do miss you....

Beemoosie said...

What a priceless gift! My mom and I are looking for hope chests for my children. They for sure won't be as beautiful at the one your dad made but the thought and the tradition are the same on our end!

Ruth said...

WOW!! It is so gorgeous!! How special for your dad to make it for your daughter and then bring it to her. And the letter, too. So very special. She will treasure it always.