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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bargello table runner and some aprons

Last month we started this bargello table runner at Pieceful Quilting. I had never even tried it before, so a few of us signed up. Once you get the hang of it, it really is easy. You just have to be careful to cut and sew very accurately (not one of my best traits!:)
I also made a few aprons for a friend right before Christmas. I had some great vintage fabric for Christmas, so used them for these two aprons.

I love this apron pattern. It is called Vintage or Totally Vintage...can't remember. It was easy, and I thought the little scalloped front piece was adorable!

A few days ago, the weather channels were calling for a nor'easter, but we were not supposed to get too much snow. Yesterday, that had all changed and we are sitting in for a major amount of snow. This is how the sky looked this morning.

The snow has been falling now for about 10 hours. I have shoveled out the walkway and the steps by the door at least four times. The wind is howling, and I am sitting here all cozy by the woodstove. I made a super easy quilt today (8 inch strips all sewn together---gorgeous flannels too) and I played Scrabble on my new Ipad!! I love that thing. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


sandy quilts said...

Hi girlfriend!!!! Want to make a snowman??

I love the bargello - the background fabric is wonderful. Mine still needs the last 5 rows to be done - maybe tomorrow.

The aprons are so cute - you have the best vintage fabrics.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have fun with your Ipad - that is what I wanted but I bought my son a laptop instead. Stupid me!

Jean said...

Hey Girls...We should have an apron making party...Everything came out beautiful. I especially love the bargello...Happy Sewing, Stay warm