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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Connecticut quilt shops

Yesterday my friend Jean and I took to the roads for the day and headed to Connecticut. The goal was to see at least four quilt shops and to go out for lunch, which we did! Of course, no road trip would be complete (for me anyway) without a stop at McDonalds to get a large Diet Coke.This was our last quilt stop. Thimbles is a great little quilt shop in a lovely little town called Woodbury. Jean is getting Christmas fabric that is 40% off. We both decided that we would spend the month of January finishing all of the Christmas projects that we did not get done.
Of the four shops we visited today, Common Threads was by far the best!! This shop is packed with great fabrics that you cannot always find everywhere. For example, she has a huge selection of homespuns, plaids, and wool! She also has kits for a million projects that range from easy to hard. The owner was an absolute doll, so spending money with her was a joy!

This is the owner, who was so helpful, friendly and gracious. I blabbed forever about my new Ipad (I am not ashamed to say that I am obsessed with it. I even told Jean that I could not wait to get home to my Ipad!) The owner and I discusssed different podcasts that we like and she told me to check out Mark Lipinski's. Even though I am not too crazy about him, I did listen to one for a few minutes when I got home. I liked it. His voice is nice and even though he is hyper, it was fun to listen.

Jean and I both got a wool project. Plus we are going to do some paper piecing next week, and got some patterns for that.

After a great day, it was time to go home and dream about quilting and fabric and Ipads. Today I am going to work on my Sunbonnet Sue. I got three done the other day and want to get at least three done today. They are actually coming out really cute.


PatsyAnne said...

Oh what were the names and locations of the other three quilt shops you went to? My cousin is just getting started and a small listing would be great for her... I'm sending her material and patterns from Intercourse, PA shops - I just love that place and could spend hours and hours wandering from one quilt shop to another!

Jean said...

Sherly I had the most amazing time yesterday, Thanks so much and I look forward to doing it again :)

Colleen said...

I knew you would have a great time hopping and shopping! The photos are great!
Happy New Year!

sandy quilts said...

Sure wish I went with you ladies instead of going to Massachusetts - and I'm not kidding!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Sheryl - can you use your Ipad to hook up to your embroidery machine?