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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The best sister-in-law!!

Kenny's sister is one of my best friends in the world!! We have had a very close relationship since the minute he and I started dating, so I consider myself to be very lucky to have her (and her lovely family) in my life for all of these years. She is very talented in the needle arts and has made me a lot of beautiful things over the years. Two winters ago she and I picked up a gorgeous needlepoint picture and she made it for me that year. Well, I finally had it framed at Micheals and you should see how it looks!!! The wooden frame is rustic and then I had three mats put around it to bring out the colors in the picture.

I still squeal when I look at it!! When my friend Deb came over for her weekly sewing lesson last week, she could not stop raving about it! Both of the kids have claimed it when I pass on! :)

We plan to hang it upstairs in the hallway in a spot that will make it the first thing you see when you go up there. I cannot say enough how much I love it!!


sandy quilts said...

Beautiful colors! The framing is great - bet it looks really nice in your house Sheryl. You are lucky that you and your sis-in-law are so close. :)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Sheryl-lyn,

Is it needlepoint? I can't really tell but I can tell you it's knock out beautiful!!

What a wonderful gift from such a special person in your life. How nice is that! It's wonderful.

Some short term work materialized for Thomas {after 9 months of involuntary retirement {again}!!}so he's gone for the most part through Springtime. It's a bit hard to get into Christmas decorating. I keep my little pink tree out all year long so I'm gonna put a new string of PINK lights on it. :0)

Thanks so much for visiting with me. I do think of you but I've become so far behind with my blogging that I'm never gonna catch up..LOL

Hugs to you and Merry Christmas,
Stephanie ♥