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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

clean sewing area!

You can tell I am off for a week!! First of all, I rarely get to post anything on my blog during the week because I have been so busy with school this year. Don't really know why except that I do tutor a student a few days a week until almost 5:30 and by the time I get know how it is. I am done with the tutoring though, so should be able to keep up with it a little more often. Our parents do like to see what we are up to since we are all long distance and all, so I will make a good effort.
Today I cleaned out my little sewing area by the dining room. It really is teeny, tiny, but I do all of my work in there when it is too cold to sit in the attic or at my machine out on the front porch. I promised my friend Colleen at the quilt shop that I would show pictures! Of course, I had to show my new Ipad, which was playing an Alex Anderson podcast while I cleaned and then sewed. She is a great quilter and I love the sound of her voice.
All neat and tidy again after Christmas sewing and wrapping. You can see my sewing room from the dining room and kitchen, so I like to keep it neat (which I usually do since I work better that way anyway.)
I used to have this green cabinet as our entertainment center, but it is now too small for the current televisions, so we moved it into the sewing room where it houses my ancient computer (with a tower and everything!!!LOL) which I use for my embroidery machine. I usually hang projects I am working on right on the door so I remember to finish them and so they are handy.
The doors do close all the way to keep it looking neater, but today they will be open all day.

Here it is with the doors open. I have my big cases of thread in there with a little set of drawers which hold my ribbons, buttons and velcro. On the screen is the embroidery piece that is on the machine right now. I have always wanted a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, so that is what I am making with embroidery. All of the scenes are of her doing something sewing-related. This will be a wallhanging. I know A LOT of people just hate Sunbonnet Sue, but as a long-time quilter, I thought I should do at least one with her since it is tradition. I am using a yellowish background fabric that I thought I hated, but it looks pretty cute. Then I will use 30s fabrics as frames around each block.


sandy quilts said...

Nice and neat and tidy! I like sunbonnet Sue - hardly see any of her around anymore. I absolutely LOVE that circles quilt hanging on the chair. Give me back my!!!!

Colleen said...

Looking good! Now I am jealous and MUST clean my sewing space too after all the holiday gift making it does get so upside down! After you give Sandy Her IPAD back please give me my Circle Quilt!!!

Colleen said...

PS: I like Sunbonnet Sue too!