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Monday, December 27, 2010

Workers and slackers

When Evelyn's boyfriend Jon came over today, all the kids were done plowing, shoveling, cleaning, etc., so they went sledding down our driveway and in the back fields. Evy is pulling Jon (who is about a foot taller than she is!) down the driveway. Jon had to shovel for hours to get his driveway cleared out! Plus he had to make a space for Evy's car so she can come over later----he said that took the longest! Penny knows how to stay warm in the blizzard! Although she was a maniac when she first went out this morning. It is funny to watch the dogs run wild in that snow. They are like puppies again.
Millie is 12 years old today!! She never has a problem finding a warm couch with a blanket on it. Let the two legged animals do the work if they want to--that is her motto.

It sure is nice to have a grown son around to help out on days like today. He enjoyed it so much that he went to three other neighbors and cleared their driveways secretly.

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sandy quilts said...

Penny and Millie need monogrammed Land's End coats with all that snow!