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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue totally done!! I amazed myself today!

I have a whole ton of projects that I want to get done this month, but I promised myself that I would not make any more tops unless I quilted the ones I am currently working on. (That does not include anything made prior to this week---that would mean I could NEVER make another new top:) I had these adorable Sunbonnet Sue embroideries and just could not wait to stitch them out with my machine. They are so cute and the way that Embroidery Library shows the colors to you, it tells you what part of the design you are stitching, so I could change their colors into ones that I wanted. This is Sue at her embroidery machine. Here is Sue with her knitting basket. I don't knit yet...maybe some day.

Sue at the regular sewing machine. She is just so busy!!
The camera I was using did not make the whole quilt come out as dark as it really is. But this is what it sort of looks like.
Rob held it up in the kitchen. Maybe if you click on it, you will see how nice the colors are. This is quilted and bound already. I did it all today since I go back to work tomorrow and wanted to start a cute paper-pieced wallhanging this week.
I will sure miss being home. It is nice to know you have all day to get your stuff done and to work on things that you enjoy doing as a hobby. At least I do love my job, so once I am there, it goes by so fast. Will miss my sewing time and my Ipad!!


sandy quilts said...

Sheryl - every time I think you can't outdo yourself you go right ahead and prove me wrong. I love this quilt! Sunbonnet Sue rocks! Did you buy the connector for the Ipad so that you can connect your camera directly into the ipad? See you Friday!

Colleen said...

Sheryl, this is awesome! She is so very cute and you must have worked real hard today to complete this.

Jean said...

I plan to steal this when I come as always :)