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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Funky chicken wallhanging DONE!

I was back to work this week, and Boyo was I tired every night. It was so hard to keep myself from just plopping on the couch and falling asleep, but I really wanted to make this paper-pieced chicken wallhanging. I did not put the sleeve in the back yet, so it is hanging on the rod using straight pins (that's why is looks uneven on the top). I saw this pattern at Common Threads in New Preston, CT a while back and knew I would make it someday. All of the fabric used on this project was purchased when Evelyn and I went to Washington state this past summer. It was fun to think of the time we spent together while we were there as I worked on the chickens.
The fabric under their feet is chicken wire! It came in several colors, so I got them all with this pack of fabric from Olympia, Washington.

Don't they look funny with those button eyes? These fabrics are so bright and cheerful, aren't they? I used stitch-in-the-ditch to quilt it. Very easy and very fast. Lengthened my stitch to 3 instead of 2.5 and it was a breeze and looks good too.

I like paper-piecing and this was an easy and fun project. The next one I am doing is a teacup wallhanging made from paper-piecing. That pattern is from about 5 years ago when I went to the local quilt show. See, you think you are buying too much stuff, then you realize you need it all so that when you get inspired at ten o'clock at night, you can run right up to the attic and get started!

Another busy week coming up, but I still plan to sew every night and play with my iPad! See you all soon!


sandy quilts said...

How fun it is! Is it a wall hanging or a valance? Either one will be great. love the colors also

Colleen said...

This is too cute! They are so funky and adorable. Lovin' it!

Jean said...

Sheryl they came out so cute...I might just "borrow" them when I come over next. Miss you :)

Lynne Hearn said...

Those chickens are so cute! I love their buttons eyes. I would like to buy the pattern so I can make it. Any information you can give me to trace the pattern would be appreciated. Is it from a book?