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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh spinach from the garden in January!!

This is my first winter of using the cold frame Kenny made me a while back. I planted some lettuce and spinach seeds in here back in September and October (just sort of threw them around--broadcast style) just to see what they would do. I kept checking on them and saw that they were growing, albeit slowly, and decided to see how long they would last. They have been under snow for a few weeks and we are expecting another huge storm here tomorrow, so figured I would use them in tonight's supper.
I planted onion seeds at the far end, and they never did too much. Next year, it will be all lettuce and carrots and spinach.
We still have snow on the ground and more is coming tomorrow. I am not leaving the top open, just left it open to harvest the spinach, and to remind myself that the spinach grew in the snow!

The sky this afternoon was very bright, but with clouds starting to build up. We will see what happens tomorrow. I had to cancel a night out for dinner tomorrow already, but will stay home and sew instead. At school, we are being prepared for a day off or a snow delay for Wednesday.


sandy quilts said...

I'm coming over for a spinach salad

Colleen said...

Sandy is right...Spinach Salad sounds so good right now...reminds me of warmer days...yet to come!