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Sunday, January 30, 2011

If there's snow, you might as well sew!

One winter when I was in Vermont, I saw these beautiful appliqued patterns for all of the seasons and I had to get a few of them. Last Saturday, Kenny was working on a puzzle at the dining room table, so I took this pattern out and started working on it. Applique used to be my favorite thing to work on (with my machine, of course! Even in the old days when I only had a Kenmore that did zigzag stitches!), but over the years, I have done it less than I would like. I kept to my promise and finished what I started!! It is quilted, bound and hanging already! I am in a great BOM program called Holly Lane. It is a six month program with all of these adorable houses and shops in Victorian fabrics! I have two done so far and I am pretty much up to date with them. Just to keep me in the mindset, I hang them up in my sewing room when I get them finished.

At our quilt shop in town, we are in a BOM called Calendar Girls. Each month, we will be doing a block that matches the season, so that we will have an all-seasons quilt when we are done. The cool part is that we have to use our own stashes, which will make them all so unique. I love the snowman! Of course, he will get button eyes when I have finished quilting the whole thing next year.

This is the second block of Holly Lane. The quilt really is beautiful when it's done, so I am excited when I get the kit each month.
A closer look at Winter's Song. I had a great time working on this project. I have a lovely one for Halloween, which I will make next fall.

We have so much snow outside that it seems like we are in Alaska. This week is supposed to bring more snow. It's like a blizzard a week this year. Won't that make spring more enchanting? I can't complain...I like the snowy winters. We still get outside and go for walks if there is a path at the refuge. Also, we have to bring firewood in, so Kenny and Rob make paths for us to walk outside! There is a path to my chickens, so at least I can get around. It does get slippery when it ices up at night!


cinnamongirl said...

Beautiful blocks as usual. I joined calendergirl blocks of the month here to. We have not started I think Febuary we do.

I also joined a french general block of the month from moda I just love thier fabric.

I hope you get lots of snow days there to sew.

Colleen said...

Sheryl...they all look great! The winter banner finished up nicely and I just love what you've done with the snowman!
See you soon!