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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Batty table topper

This is another project from that Halloween magazine.  I made it in a few hours and enjoyed doing it from beginning to end!  Notice that it is quilted and has the binding on it!  I am turning over a new leaf! There are coasters and place mats too, which are my next project this week.  I am only doing two of each of those since it is just Ken and me now at dinner time.  Seriously, if you can get that magazine, it is so worth it.

Today I went up to school to welcome back the principal we had two years ago!  He is a great principal, so we are all very excited to have him back.  I have been working hard all summer on curriculum now that the state is changing everything (I am not unhappy about the will just take time to rework everything we do a little bit).  I have also become addicted to WEBINARS!!!  They are interactive online classes that you take with other people from all over the world.  With all the changes being made nationwide, they offer so much information and lesson plan ideas, etc.  You just sign up, get your computer, ipad, iphone, etc. out and you are attending a class.  Awesome stuff!!  Plus you can ask questions and give out information too. 

Also, today I finally got out in the kayak for a few hours!  I took tons of picures with my iphone and will put them on here tomorrow so I can go back to them in the dead of winter when I am longing for a trip down the river.  It's like another world right across the street.  Peace and quiet with nature...makes me relax and chill out! 

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Jo Momma said...

I LOVE all your holiday projects!! Then again, I LOVE ALLLL your projects. One of these days I will update MY blog!! Ya think?? Love you, Jo Momma XOXOXO