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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pillowcase fun! And a lot of other ""

This is the scene of our living room floor every single day at least twice!  Our puppy has decided that there will be no stuffing in any toy in her basket.  Funny thing is that the older dog, Penny, has realized how much fun being a puppy was and has joined in with great joy!  That's her in the background surveying the damage.  When she first started getting caught up in this madness, she would run upstairs and hide when we walked into the room, but now she is just like, "So?" and watches me clean up! Then she goes over to the basket, gets another toy and starts squeaking it to entice little Emma!  It's like watching naughty children!  You want to be mad, but you're laughing, which makes them do it more!

 I like to make pillowcases for every month/holiday/event!  Here is my August pillowcase with corn on it! 
My mom loves to make pillowcases too and made me a pair of these for my birthday.  I have it folded in half is not crooked!  Isn't this pretty!!??
She made this patriotic one for my Kenny!  He is a true patriot and loves his country, so he got this one from her.
I made this one for myself for July!  Chickens!  And chicken wire for the cuff.  No mistaking whose this is when it's time to make the bed!
I made this one for Ken for July 4th!  He loves that I made this one and my mom made him another one with the same theme.  He said he is not using the corn one until he has used these two for a few months.
Making pillowcases is so much fun and super easy!  It's the first thing I teach my non-sewing friends to do when they are interested in sewing for the first time.  I make mine using the burrito pattern which is available as a tutorial on Youtube!  Just go to Youtube,  look up rolled pillocases from the Missouri Quilt Company and it takes like 9 minutes~!!  Seriously!  You can make a bunch in one sitting if you want to make gifts, or some for yourself.  The Missouri Quilt Company has TONS of great tutorials on Youtube.  I love their videos!!  Go see for yourself!  Right now!  I mean it!


Colleen said...

Love your pillowcases...especially the patriotic ones!

sandy quilts said...

Kenny will get a real earful when he uses the corn pillowcase!! Lol