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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kayaking the Peconic River

It has been hard to get out on the river for a ride by myself since we got the puppy, but I have had a few afternoons when Ken was home and he sent me to the river to relax and enjoy some quiet time.  Sometimes I stay close and just sit in the kayak while reading a book or magazine. There are tons of little coves and nooks where I can pull in and just sit.  Othertimes, I will take a few hours and head through the tunnel to one of the bigger parts of the river.  That is what I did on this particular trip.

This picture is for Kenny.  He loves fall so I had to take a picture of a tree starting to turn red.  In a month, this will be a river of red, orange and yellow. 
The picture below is of a duck blind that I found.  I really like the little room for the dog!  It even has a ramp for him to climb up after he gets the bird!  Kenny thought it looked like a haunted house when I first showed it to him, which made it even more exciting.

Can you believe that blue sky?  The clouds looked so beautidul.  It's like that today too, which is why I will be heading out to take a long ride again this afternoon.
Here is the tunnel I have to ride through to get to the other side of the expressway (which is what is above this tunnel).  There are zillions of spider webs in the corners which is kind of creepy, but I don't usually touch tham.  Sometimes I can feel them on my hair though!  Not often.  It is always cool in the tunnel.
Well, tomorrow I am officially back to work,  I have been in a few times to set up my room, but that was at my leisure.  We are off for four days after tomorrow and then the kids will be in!  That is always the best part!  They make me laugh and they keep me on my toes, which is always a good thing.

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