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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun at Fenway

This past weekend my daughter and I traveled to Boston to see the city and take in the Red Sox game.  Evy had gotten great seats, which we were able to share with my cousin Krissy and her husband John.  They are actually newlyweds as of two weeks ago.  
Our seats were by third base only 5 rows back!  We only prayed we would not get hit by the ball or by a broken bat! My prayers were answered and no harm was done.  

We had lunch at Quincy Market and literally walked the city in its entirety to get to Fenway.  My legs still hurt because we kept getting lost and going in circles.  Plus it was soooooo hot.  Anyway, the houses we loved were on Commonwealth!  Big old Brownstones and Victorians.  Lots of trees, statues and great shops close by.

The picture of us in the baseball cart was fun!  When the pitcher used to get taken out of a game, the new pitcher was brought onto the field in this cart and the pitcher being relieved was taken away in it.  Brought back great memories of watching baseball at Nana's!  

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Colleen said...

So glad you had a great time! Memories are a good thing!