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Monday, April 20, 2009

Apron swaps at the Farm!!

Last week, Kenny built my hens some new nesting boxes that are off the ground. They have to use these little "ladders" to go up into them. (No more mud and dirt on the eggs!!) But....
they have six "condos" to choose from, yet they all want the same one!! This is on the other side of the coop, with one on either side, yet they all line up for this one and the one next to it! It is funny to see them try to use their butts to push the hen sitting there out onto the ground.

This little spoon dollie came with my apron from a swap at MJF. She is blond like me!

This was the apron to match. Kathy (khartquilts) made them both. They are just the nicest pair. This apron looks great hanging in my kitchen ready to be thrown on when I come in to make dinner.

This is the clothespin apron from another swap. My partner was Diane and she did a great job! How about those retro colors!! I love them. This baby has already been put to work too. It is so great to have the clothespins right there when I need them. I am making one for her that is almost done. I found the perfect fabric for it, and cannot wait to show it off.


cinnamongirl said...

Awesome job Kathy did on your apron!

What you already got the clothespin apron- man now I feel slow and it is not even deadline. LOl
Dianan does a great job and fast too.

Autumn said...

Great aprons!!!
My hens do the exact same thing.
My banty is setting and won't budge- the big hens just squeeze in there with her and all the eggs are under her.

I marked the 2 eggs I'm letting her keep-but I'm doubtful they are fertilized.