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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clothespin apron swap and my coldframe!!

Kenny built me a nice coldframe for starting seeds and growing veggies in cold weather. It just got finished, so I simply used it to start a few seeds that I will be able to transplant in a week or so. In the fall I will use it to grow lettuce and a few other things to keep us going until the first snow.
Here it is!! I am so excited that I can hardly wait until the fall to see how great it will work to grow my lettuce and spinach!! (Ok, maybe I can wait, but it's something to look forward to).

I am in a clothespin apron swap and I had this FABULOUS fabric in my stash!! Can you believe it? Just sitting there waiting for the perfect project.

You love it?? I do. I have about a yard left to make something else for my kitchen.

Here is the finished apron that will go to my partner in Idaho!! I used ticking as the main body and then my laundry lady fabric for the front, which is a giant pocket for the clothespins. I hope she likes it!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Sheryl-lyn,

That's a nice cold frame..I may get the measurements from you..great idea to grown the fall crops in it. I know they are good for starting seeds's been 4 years since I've grown anything due to the moving.

The apron fabric is so cool! And the apron will be well received!

I'm headed to the cabin in less than 48 hours!!!! Seems unreal...I've been waiting for almost five months to get up there to stay for a little bit and let it know it's loved..LOL

Hugs, Steph

electricdunce said...

That fabric is such a hoot, perfect for the apron swap, and the apron looks great...


Autumn said...

Fantastic fabric!!!!

I picked up a ticking print at the thrift store today and am planning the same kind of thing-a clothes pin apron.

The cold frame is very cool!!!!!

monica said...

Sheryl-lyn, The fabric is awesome!

Beverly said...

What a lucky gal she is!! I just love that fabric...yummy! Kenny is such a sweetheart...your cold frame is wonderful. Happy gardening, friend!