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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The craziest fabric/quilt store ever!!

There is a fabric/quilt store in Pennsylvania that is quite an adventure and a half!! It is called Obie's and is located in Goodville. It is literally full of fabrics from floor to ceiling. You have to climb on shelves of fabric to get to other fabric! This is what it looks like from the second floor.
Here is one of the aisles. When you reach for one fabric, it all comes tumbling down on top of you, or the person next to you.

Another aisle. This one has whites, yellows and blues. Yellow fabric came down when someone yanked one out from the middle.

I have been to this store many times and have not seen all of the fabric yet. It really goes all the way to the ceiling and is also behind other fabric. Believe it or not, the workers and the owner know where most of it is!! You have to ask for a color, print or theme and they will find it.

I started my garden a few weeks ago. I planted radishes, lettuce and spinach, but it looks like we are growing milk and water bottles. I took the bottles off this week and they are growing really quickly. Maybe there will be a salad on the table in a few weeks!! While I was away, I got some more seeds so Rob and I can start planting in a few weeks. Rob will do his garden at the river again this season.


electricdunce said...

Oh my, finally a picture of a fabric area that looks worse than mine, well I don't have that much fabric, but what a treat. It must be fun navigating through all that. I'm trying to swear off any fabric purchases for oh maybe the next five years (fat quarters don't count, right?);
I have a friend who goes to Pennsylvania a couple times a year and hits the fabric stores there. I just try not to think about it....


Bonne said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!! Incredible store!!!!

Best wishes on a fruitful harvest as well. ;)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Now that's my kind of fabric shop..LOL How fun!!!


Ruth said...

I love that fabric store. I could spend a whole day in there. Where in PA is it? I'm going to visit the Poconos later this year.

I have my garden started, too but not in the ground yet. It's all in the greenhouse.


smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...