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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitchen quilt that was fun and easy!

When I was cleaning my attic, I found a bunch of old quilting mags and books. It was so fun to read them again!! Like they were all new purchases or something. This cute wall quilt was in one from 2006, so I kept it out and made it this week.
Another view. I have to add buttons to them where the pockets would be. I got some really cute ones at Micheals yesterday when I found out that I was off from work and I did not know it!! (I went to work only to find out I had two more days off!! We have NEVER had the day after Easter off before, so I never even looked at the calendar--it was like a surprise party for me!! LOL)

Close up of yellow apron with lace that I cut up and used to trim it.

I love red!! This one is so cute with white crocheted trim. No, I did not make the trim. I cannot crochet at all. My embroidery machine can make this kind of stuff though, so one of these days I will make some. When I get done quilting this project, it will have red binding, which will make it really old-fashioned looking. What a great project for such a rainy, dreary day. Back to work tomorrow...I checked!!


smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...


Jo Momma said...

Hello again!! I love the quilt and yes, it does make one feel cheery! XOXOX Jo Momma

Autumn said...

I LOVE this apron quilt! I think I have that magazine too!
I am so far behind in sewing I dare not start looking at all the magazines and patterns I have!!!

electricdunce said...

Holy moly woman! That is so sweet! It has certainly made an impression on me, I'm going to have to think about making one myself, maybe after I finish the pile of items awaiting my attention. You do such lovely work, the colors are just fabulors!


Dawn Dutton said...

HI there,
I was just looking at your blog. What nice photos. I love the photo of the house.. makes me want to come for a visit! Very nice... I just love quilts and am envious of anyone who can create such works of art! Yours are truely works of art. Thanks for sharing them. Dawn

Sharon said...

Oh wow, the quilt is just beautiful! Thanks so much for posting :)

Ruth said...

I love it!!!

That red one with the crochet trim is great. Such a neat idea.

Bonne said...

That is so beyond adorable!!!