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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer is coming!!

It was a really warm day today (in the 70s), so I cleaned the house and then took the dogs for their first swim of the season.
That's how Millie dries off!! Like a crab wiggling around on the grass!

Penny forces me to throw the ball in the water at least 100 times! She just never gets tired!

Here is where I sit and read, daydream and get soaked from demanding dogs who keep throwing wet tennis balls onto my lap. There is a goose family to the right of the area where I swim the dogs. The dad goose kept patrolling to make sure we did not venture onto their turf while they have babies. He was a little loud until he realized I was not sending the dogs near them. Then he just quietly swam around to keep an eye on us.


Bonne said...

So idyllic! we had a snow storm overnight! I'm like, "what the ....???"

Sheryl-lyn said...

OMG!! You had such a nice winter compared to us, and now snow??