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Monday, July 27, 2009

From bright to blight!!

We stay in a little studio apartment while we are in Vermont at Smugglers Notch. It is really so cute and cozy. We have a little balcony overlooking the mountains and fields.
The mountains on the road we stay on are really enormous.

We can see the ski trails from our balcony too. This morning I took these pictures when we got on the road to head home.
Then I came home to find my tomatoes all full of that horrible blight that is killing all the tomatoes on Long Island.
I had to go out and tear all the plants out and throw them into a plastic bag and put them out for the garbage man. I still have two or three big plants that look ok for now--they are both heirloom varieties, so maybe I can salvage them!! Plus, they are not near the plants that were infected. We will see. My cukes, beans and zucchini are all good, as are my herbs. Tomorrow I will check out the rest of the stuff I only glanced at and see what is going on.


Ruth said...

That looks like a nice place to stay. I haven't been to Vermont in years. We will be going to the Berkshires in Sept.

Sorry to hear about your tomatoes.


Bonne said...

WAHHHHHH!!!!!! Poor tomatoes!!!!