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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I do on summer vacation!

During the school year, I am always rushing to get things done and clean. Big jobs like cleaning this pantry from top to bottom don't get the attention they deserve. Here is the cleaned version of the pantry.
Everything is organized by categories and uses. Now we don't have to tear the whole room apart to find that missing box of pasta or that long-missing mustard!

When I cleaned off one shelf, I put the contents on the center countertop. Then I would wash the shelf, go outside for a while with the dogs while it dried and then come back and restock it neatly. With about 6 shelves and the floorspace, it took all day:)

Starting to see the light!!

I make my own French bread using the sourdough starter I have had from a friend for years and years!! Something else I have time for now that I am not on any specific schedule. I love summer!


Bonne said...

I'm going to be doing that now that I have a revamped pantry. I don't want it getting "out of hand" so that I have to kick my way through the door~lol
HMMMMmmmmmm....fresh bread.....I'm hooked on Ronna's's so much fun to amaze company..."you baked that from scratch!?"

Catherine said...

Hi there -- a pantry after my own heart, complete with window (and kitchen witch hanging from it!) and scalloped shelf trimming!

Thanks for sharing this.