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Monday, July 20, 2009

Wool and cotton BOM quilt and a cake!!

My daughter has always been the baby of the street we live on. She was the little girl everyone took care of and looked out for. All of the other kids on the road were older than she was (by a few years or more), so she tagged along and got involved with whatever they were doing. As a result, she was always "Little Evy" and no one wanted her to get older!! My neighbor across the street loves my kids and likes to bake for them. This is a red velvet cake, which is Evy's favorite. So, once in a while my neighbor will call and tell me to come get a cake she made for Evy!! This was the most recent one. What a lucky kid, huh? Well, Evy wasn't home so we all ate some of her cake without her!! :) Ok, we ate a lot of the cake without her.
This is part of a wool quilt BOM I get in the mail from The Quilt Basket in Wappingers Falls, NY. They need to be ironed, but you get the idea.

This is the block for March.

This is January. My snowman does not have his little eyes yet, but soon he will.

April's block. I enjoy working on these and look forward to getting them each month. Of course, I am a little behind on them, so when I go to Vermont with Ken this week, I will try to get May and June done. Then I will be half-way there. I have received all but the last two blocks, so I need to get a move on!!


sandy quilts said...

Thanks for posting the wool blocks - now I NEED to order these for myself. Have a great time in Vermont and take some time for your hand sewing. See you soon! P.S. what a great looking cake!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Sheryl-lyn,

I love red velvet cake too! I know I would have enjoyed it in Evy's absence..hahaha

I like the wool BOM...When does school begin??

Thanks for dropping by for a visit,