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Monday, July 6, 2009

Scottish Mystery Quilt done!

For the Scottish mystery quilt, I chose the colors of thistle ahead of time. We have no idea what the quilt will look like.
We cut out the pieces at the class, start to assemble the blocks and try to guess what block(s) we are making. No one guessed correctly on this one., not even Sandy (Sandyquilts) who always cheats and looks online or sneaks into the closet at the quilt shop!!

Here is the finished top. I used a floral border around the quilt, which my husband does not care for (although he loves everything else about it--especially the colors).
The blocks form a half-log cabin piece, which looks pretty nice all together. This is a nice spring quilt to put out for Easter.


sandy quilts said...

The quilt looks great - I think the borders are fine. I am going to do some applique on mine.

Nancy Jo said...

The quilt is really pretty!! Came out so nice. And I want your pantry!!!

cinnamongirl said...

Great quilt and I too want that pantry - so jealous here.

Ruth said...

Another unbelievably gorgeous quilt. I love it. You are so talented.