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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Table runner and matching towel

My friend Michelle came over today and wanted to do some sewing. She loves to sew and is really good at it, but has not done it in a while, so thought she would start with a runner. We each made one with the same fabrics so we would remember doing this together. I used a piece of the fabric to applique a matching towel.
This is the runner, with two borders. The fabric is a novelty print that looks pieced, but is not. When I quilt it, I will go around each square so it looks pieced. Easy and fun.


Sharon said...


I love the runner and the towel! So cute!

Have a blessed day!

~Sharon (Calicogirl on MJF)

Ruth said...

I love the runner and towel. So cute. What a fun time with your friend.


Beverly said...

Cute, cute....perfect farm style accessories!! Hope your summer is terrific. BTW...your room is ready whenever you want to come for a visit!!

Bonne said...

cute cute cute!!! ;)