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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pre-birthday day of fun!!

Today I was taken out to lunch by a friend I used to work with at school. She is a librarian we hired last year and I was her mentor. This year she went to a different school (our school had budget cuts and an excessed librarian returned, so my friend had to move on:(, but we have maintained our friendship. My birthday is coming up, so we went to lunch at a cute place on the river.
Here is the view from the deck where you can sit and eat. This is the same river I live on. It is a nice little lunch/dinner spot that is impossible to see from the road, yet everyone finds it!!

In the morning, I did laundry and hung it out to dry. Love that!

Doesn't this look like a cloud? Well, it isn't. I brushed Millie this morning and all this hair came off (and then some!!). It was like there was a wild animal brawl in my driveway when I was done. At least now, there will be less in the house, I hope!

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Bonne said...

I got a clothesline ....finally!! I can't get over how much I've missed having one for the past many years. Nothing like the smell of freshly dried laundry. (I know, we're